As your Personal Trainer I offer:

A free no obligation consultation

Having a good relationship with your trainer is important as you are more likely to achieve the fitness level you want. I feel that meeting is the only way for you to find out whether I will be the right trainer for you. The information I collect will also help you identify your needs and the fitness level you would like to obtain.



Home Training

I specialise in home, at your work-place, or gym training. This means:

You save time travelling.

You can exercise in the privacy of your own home whenever you like.

You save the expense of unnecessary gym fees.

More variety in workouts which can be indoors or outdoors

I bring the equipment or help you to chose some

Makes training easier to fit around your busy life.



From time to time you may need support outside your training sessions to help you achieve your fitness level.  I am available via text or email.

Equipment I use

Free weights, Medicine ball, Swiss Ball, Resistance bands, Boxing gloves/pads, Reebok step, Skipping ropes, exercise mats, heart rate monitor, Blood pressure monitor, Omron Body Fat Monitor. Coolboard.

CLICK HERE for Equipment list and use

Free weights – Increase your strength/ endurance and muscle tone

Medicine Ball – Increase your strength/ endurance and muscle tone

Swiss Ball – Prevents backache, improves core strength and helps to improve balance

Resistance Bands - Effective in toning your body and losing weight similar to free weights.

Boxing Gloves/ Pads – helps to lose weight, improve boxing and reflex response

Reebok Step – burn calories, improve speed of movement, variable step height and length of exercise time, aerobic endurance exercise.

Skipping Ropes – improve cardiovascular exercise similar to jogging and cycling. Less impact on knee joints than running.

Exercise Mats –for comfort and to prevent back injury during floor exercises. Very useful for core exercise (e.g. sit-ups)

Heart Rate Monitor – helps to record the maximum heart rate (MHR), the average heart rate and the calories expended during exercise.

Blood Pressure Monitor (only used during Fitness Test) – records the blood pressure to ensure within safe limits to do exercising.

Omron Body Fat Monitor (only used during Fitness Test) –measures the percentage of fat in the body and the Body Mass Index (BMI) - based on an individual's weight and height.

Peak Flow (only during Fitness Test) - a small, hand-held device used to monitor a person's ability to force air out of the lungs

Powerbar (Pull-Up bar) – improves strength training for the arms and latissimus dorsi (a back muscle).

Battle Rope – Cardiovascular fitness, stamina and arm strength:

Kettle Bells – Increase muscle tone, strength and stamina:

CoolBoard – This equipment can help you to:

  • improve balance
  • increase core strength
  • greater proprioception
  • strengthen lower back, knees, ankles and hips
  • quicken reaction time
  • injury prevention
  • increased muscle memory
  • improve sports performance
  • And a whole lot of fun in your living room / gym / studio / park

If you want to see what this looks like and for a demonstration: